Seed’s concept is more than a simple living space: do you need a mobile temporary store? Are you looking for a dependance? Do you want a temporary office, with a modern and original concept? Seed is what you need.


With Seed, you will have short delivery time and a little setting: is not like a construction site, a removal or similar. This is another hot spot for our project.


You can live your experience, with the Seed’ customization. You can choose outer lining, interior decorations, fitting out: there are no limits with Seed!


Have you ever thought to move your home, office or store? Seed makes this happen!


Our project have a great termic comfort (A4 Energetic class), thanks to our attention in Seed’ termic isolation. With Seed, you’ll have good light intensity and acoustic comfort.
You can control internal and external functions with your smartphone! You will discover Seed’s world with one “click”!


You can build your Seed from your needs: you can add square meters, put another module near your home, store or add a raised floor, without any problem.